Anthony Books has teamed up with 2 of the most powerful Worldwide Digital Distributors  - Amazon Kindle/Paperbacks and Draft2Digital - to be our leading distributors of all of our Products. At present, Anthony Books has a series of Children's books called - Ten Minute Tales - that are being distributed by Kindle & Amazon Paperbacks. Anthony Books also utilizes the vast network of Bookstores - Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Playstar as well as its partnership with nationwide Library systems to places these books in the hands of Children all over the Globe. We also have 2 eBooks translated into Spanish and Japanese languages to bring Ten Minute Tales to other countries. Anthony Book's plan is to have all of its eBooks, and Paperbacks translated into doxzens of languages. 

We have also launched our Audiobook line with the first 3 Ten Minute Tales Audiobook on sale at and Findaway Digital Distributors. You'll find links to other Anthony Books on our Products page.

So, browse our site and make sure you hit the links to purchase any Ten Minute Tales or Part 1 of the Lineage Trilogy. Part 2 will be out at the beginning of December 2018, just in time for Christmas!

Thanks for stoping by and as our Logo says - Turn a Page & Explore New Worlds.

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