Anna, born a spoiled Princess of the New Spanish Empire - located in the Scorpii System 45 light years from Earth, now stows away on an Imperial New Spanish Armada flagship – whose mission it is to bring back defensive weapons from Earth to help stop a deadly invasion. Can Anna put away childish things and become a Princess of the Blood? Or have all of her years being pampered made her too soft?

What will they have to endure before either one can find answers, hope, love, family or most importantly will they be able to save Anna’s People? 

Two different Worlds – Creating two vastly different 15-year-old female species who are thrown together in a desperate race to save loved ones and an alien World from extinction.

Cat, born an orphan and now using all of her skills to survive the streets of San Francisco, knows what she needs to personally draw on to stay alive. Alone, Cat stands and sneers at the face of danger, but is that really who she is? Or is there something hidden in Cat’s inner being scratching to get out?

"Ours is not to question the Great Command set forth by Creel; but to stridently follow His Commandments - All intelligent, life-forms must be subjugated or eradicated from the face of His Cosmos."

A Race against Time and a determined Enemy bent on the total Genocide of a Peaceful Race of Shapeshifters...Can a Princess of the Blood known only for her Childish outbursts become her People's Champion?

Can a cast-off Orphan, living on the Streets of San Francisco, be a catalyst that will Unite two Great Civilzations and save a World?

Find out here.

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— The last dying words spoken by the Prophet Mupacus after his sojourn into the Nekasik Wastes.